Perifit Pump | Silicone Breast Pump Flange (Pack of 2)

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Flange Size: 15mm
Size Guide


Stimulate your nipple until it perks up and measure the diameter of your nipple in mm, from base to base. You can measure it with any ruler, an online ruler, or our printable sizing tool.

Then choose the corresponding flange size:

   Measurement Flange size
   up to 11mm 15mm
   from 11mm to 14mm 18mm
   from 14mm to 17mm 21mm
   from 17mm to 20mm 24mm
   from 20mm to 25mm 27mm


If you hesitate between two sizes, choose the larger size for greater comfort, and the smaller size for greater performance. For information, the most common sizes are 21mm and 24mm. All flange sizes are available individually on our website.

If you need two different sizes for each breast:
If you are buying a double Perifit Pump, add two single Perifit Pumps of different sizes to the cart and apply the discount code MIXMATCHDOUBLE.
You can also opt to buy an additional flange.

Tips for detecting the wrong size:
• Your nipple rubs against the sides of the tunnel and creates discomfort or irritation: your flange is probably too small
• Excess areola tissue is sucked into the tunnel: your flange is probably too large
• Is there any visible redness?
• Is your nipple or areola turning white?
• Do you feel that not all your milk has been pumped after expression? If you find yourself in one of these situations, we recommend that you try a different size flange. Do not hesitate to contact us to help accompany you with your choice!

❤️ A pack of 2 extra flanges, ensuring optimal breast pump performance for 6 months

👍 Designed for Perifit Pump: these replacement flanges are your point of contact with Perifit Pump

💆‍♀️ Comfortable and high-performing: made of soft and flexible silicone for gentle contact with the nipple

🍼 Suitable for infants: food-safe BPA-free premium materials

💦 Easy to clean: dishwasher-safe, offering easy hygiene and maintenance

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Eleonore Mariage

Perifit Pump Extra Bottle

Love perifit pump

I love that bottles can be easily bought extra. Only remark; the volume mentioned on the bottles are not correct. When they are put in a bottle to drink, it can differ easily up to 20mL


I had a little problem with the bottle but the after-sales service was magical.
This breastpump is so practical, and perfectly suited to my speed life.
Only downside sometimes the app bugs but fortunately we do not have to go through the app to use it .... I recommend 100%

Fiona Dubois

I bought it 3 months ago for the return at work. I am a nurse, my baby is 10 months old and it allows me to pump during the commute, at work, during my break ...
I am very happy with it. Only issue I think I boiled it for too long. The bottle have shrunk, but the customer service sent me 2 new bottles for free. It takes time to clean it properly. But it is a freedom that I do not regret.


Perifit Pump | In-bra, hands-free breast pump


Frankly I should have bought it before! It's great. Very convenient

Marie-Alix Barth

Perifit Pump | In-bra, hands-free breast pump

Camille Chem-Lenhof

Great to find spare parts!

Ghislaine Govaerts

Thanks to the discussion with the after-sales service we've identified the source of the problem. I have changed the bottle and no problem since.

Elyza Bourdin

Very satisfied with my purchase. The bottles sterilize very well in 10 minutes without deformation