Perifit Care | Original Kegel Exerciser

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💪 Pelvic floor strengthening to reduce bladder leakage and improve pelvic health

⭐️ FDA-cleared solution for stress, mild-moderate urge and mixed urinary incontinence

👩‍⚕️ Evidence-based programs to reduce incontinence symptoms

Unique biofeedback technology with real-time detection of contraction quality

🎮 Interactive video games to motivate training and engage in regular practice

🏠 Easy-to-use and discreet for comfortable training at home

100-day trial period

Enjoy free and easy returns for 100 days

FSA/HSA eligible

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As simple as it gets

💡 Insert the Perifit Care device
🎮 Play games with your pelvic floor
✅ Track your contraction quality
💪 Quickly strengthen your pelvic floor
🥳 Improve your pelvic floor health

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An effective medical solution backed by science

💦 Reduce urine leaks effectively
🏃‍♀️ Find relief from urge incontinence
💪 Diminish activity-induced leaks
🎯 Evidence-backed training programs
👩‍⚕️ Developed with pelvic floor experts

See Medical Effectiveness

A pelvic floor coach in your pocket

👩‍⚕️ 6 personalized training programs
🥳 More than 20 motivating games
📈 Progress tracking in 5 dimensions
🥰 World’s largest support community
✅ Monitor your contraction technique

Discover How it Works

External Bluetooth Antenna

Our Bluetooth Low Energy antenna ensures a stable connection, using the same technology found in healthcare devices like heart monitors, glucose monitors, and blood oxygen monitors, as well as everyday smart devices.

Superficial Sensor

Perifit Care's surface sensor is essential for effective pelvic floor workouts, accurately detecting muscle contractions for precise training and better results.

Deep Sensor

Detects changes in abdominal pressure, aiding in monitoring your pelvic floor exercises, including detecting faulty contractions.

Cut out the guesswork

Perifit Care removes uncertainty by providing real-time feedback, indicating when you're engaging your pelvic floor muscles correctly, simplifying and enhancing your pelvic health journey.

Monitor your technique

Without feedback, only 50% of women perform Kegels correctly, while 1/4 risk unintentional harm. Perifit Care's dual sensor biofeedback helps improve your technique with visual cues.

100-day trial


Customer Reviews

Based on 1653 reviews
Marlynne Pike
Muscle and Control!

I think this is the way to go. I am gaining muscle strength and control. My urine accidents are reduced 10 fold. No drugs and no surgery. Who would have thought video games would be so beneficial!

Stacy Bramer
This works great so far!

I haven't had much of an opportunity to use this much yet because of travel and timing.
But, so far it works great I think with prolonged use my pelvic floor health should improve.

I look forward to kegels now

Genius idea to make something boring (but important) into games that are actually fun.

53 year old woman
Fun and helpful

It's very helpful and makes me feel invested into my own medical issue. U.S. doctors often do not meet the needs of individuals. After over a year of being promised follow up from my Dr. for the common issue of intermittent leakage when I cough or laugh hysterically, I took matters into my own hands as usual. This is the perfect combination of fun, useful, and my partner says it's sexy that I can play mario with my cooch. (So to say) .


I received it as a birthday gift and love it. The games are fun and challenging. And I already can tell a difference in my bladder control. I'm not where I want to be yet but getting there. Thank you

Michele Friedman
Getting stronger

I’m only on my second week of using Perifit and it’s hard to feel any difference yet. I’m focusing on my kegels more than before, and convinced it will help!

Mark Havard

Perifit Care | Original Kegel Exerciser

Tara Hilliard
Life-changing and fun

I have struggled with significant urine leakage since having to go off of birth control. I am pre-menopause and have had excellent control and just a matter of weeks using this product. Highly recommended! The fact that it’s actually fun is a huge plus.

Love this device! A fun way to do my pelvic floor exercises!

Love this device! A fun way to do my pelvic floor exercises!

Krystal Cabrera
Loving It!

I gave birth 3 times, so this has been absolutely amazing for me!