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"The best bit of the Perifit in my opinion is the educational element, it really teaches you the right way to do the exercises, and when you’re using the wrong muscles. Every session I use the kegel coach to make sure I’m doing them right before starting the games. It also tells you where you need to improve and how this translates to daily life - e.g I need to get better at tensing and relaxing the muscles quickly so as to cope with sneezing/laughing.
Laura Murray - NHS Community Perinatal Team
 "The app training games are nice and motivate me to improve, especially because after the each game your scores are displayed and you can see how  much pelvic floor force was used. I think the Perifit+ is a great device for motivating people to actually continue with their pelvic floor training, the self-control is very helpful and understandable, as well as all the resources and explanations within the app."
Andrea King - Midwife

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Disclaimer : the Perifit Care device does not replace the diagnosis and treatment of a medical professional specialized in pelvic health.