Perifit Pump | Double Electric Breast Pump

Hospital-grade, Silent, and Smart

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Flange Size: 15mm
Size Guide


Stimulate your nipple until it perks up and measure the diameter of your nipple in mm, from base to base. You can measure it with any ruler, an online ruler, or our printable sizing tool.

Then choose the corresponding flange size:

   Measurement Flange size
   up to 11mm 15mm
   from 11mm to 14mm 18mm
   from 14mm to 17mm 21mm
   from 17mm to 20mm 24mm
   from 20mm to 25mm 27mm


If you hesitate between two sizes, choose the larger size for greater comfort, and the smaller size for greater performance. For information, the most common sizes are 21mm and 24mm. All flange sizes are available individually on our website.

If you need two different sizes for each breast:
If you are buying a double Perifit Pump, add two single Perifit Pumps of different sizes to the cart and apply the discount code MIXMATCHDOUBLE.
You can also opt to buy an additional flange.

Tips for detecting the wrong size:
• Your nipple rubs against the sides of the tunnel and creates discomfort or irritation: your flange is probably too small
• Excess areola tissue is sucked into the tunnel: your flange is probably too large
• Is there any visible redness?
• Is your nipple or areola turning white?
• Do you feel that not all your milk has been pumped after expression? If you find yourself in one of these situations, we recommend that you try a different size flange. Do not hesitate to contact us to help accompany you with your choice!

🙌 Pump discreetly wherever you please with this wireless double electric breastfeeding pump that fits comfortably in your bra

❤️ Comfortable fit for optimal flow with our soft silicone flanges to pamper your breasts. Available in 5 sizes, no inserts required

📈 Optimize your pumping session with our fully customizable rhythms and hospital-grade suction of up to 300mmHg

😍 Pump in any setting with unique noise reduction technology down to 35 dB, as silent as a whisper and synchronized

💆‍♀️ Simplify your pumping routine by tracking milk levels and controlling the pump from the app without undressing

Made with BPA-free, food-safe materials that are dishwasher safe

30-day trial

Easy and free returns for 30 days

FSA/HSA eligible

Use your FSA/HSA debit card for payment at checkout

Pump freely, without wires or tubes

😍 Smart portable breast pump
👙 Slips directly into your bra
✅ No wires or tubes, hands-free
👜 Pump wherever you want
❤️ Pump whenever you want
🙌 While doing whatever you want

A breast pump so discreet you forget you’re pumping

✅ Unique noise-cancelling technology
😌 As quiet as a whisper at 35 dB
😍 Fits comfortably within your bra
💃 Invisible under loose clothing
👩‍💻 In-app control and monitoring
🥰 No need to undress anymore

Optimize your milk production with our wearable pump

💆‍♀️ Pump more often on-the-go
💪 Hospital-grade suction
📈 Maximum power of up to 300mmHg
✅ Tailored programs and rhythms
👩‍⚕️ Virtual coaching within the app
❤️ Flexible and soft silicone flange

Enjoy true comfort and ease

😍 Easy assembly in just 10 seconds
💦 Quick & easy dishwasher cleaning
💆‍♀️ No need for flange inserts
✅ Up to 7 sessions with 1 charge
❤️ Automatic mode switching
🙏 Full-bottle notification in app

Choose the best for your breastfeeding journey


Perifit Pump

Hands-free portable breast pump

Fixed hospital-grade breast pump

BPA-free and dishwasher friendly

Suction power

💪 300 mmHg

🫥 150-200 mmHg

💪 300 mmHg

Noise emission

💆‍♀️ 35 dB

😵‍💫 45 dB

😵 50 dB

Freedom of movement


hours saved on average compared to fixed breast pumps*


gallons of milk produced by Perifit Pump users*

5.41 fl oz Bottle

The detachable 5.41 fl oz graduated bottle is BPA-free and designed to collect and store milk.

Soft Silicone Flange

The soft silicone flanges drive performance throughout your milk production. In direct contact with your breast, the flexible silicone applies gentle compression to the nipple to facilitate milk production while minimizing discomfort.

USB Charging

The battery has approximately 120 minutes of autonomy and can be recharged via an included USB cable.

Control Buttons

These buttons allow you to choose between two modes (stimulation or expression) and adjust suction intensity.

Powerful, quiet, and smart breast pump

The casing contains a powerful motor, unique noise-cancellation technology, automatic milk level detection, and Bluetooth connectivity to track, control, and optimize the breast pump from the free app.

Leak-Proof System

Pump with peace of mind thanks to our leak-preventing design.

Premium Materials

BPA-free and dishwasher friendly for your comfort and convenience.

1-Year Warranty

Ease of mind with a warranty covering express replacement in case of breakdown.

Bluetooth Connection

The Bluetooth Low Energy antenna meets medical device safety standards.

30-Day Trial

Buy risk-free knowing you can return for free with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Optimize your comfort and milk production with the app

Milk Level Tracking

No need to undress to monitor your session; the app allows you to track the bottle's fill level in real-time.

Automatic Control

The breast pump automatically switches to expression mode, and you can precisely program the session.

Full-Bottle Notification

Avoid spills by receiving a smartphone notification as soon as the bottle reaches 80% capacity.

Customizable Suction

Select from our 3 suction rhythms to discover the optimal setting that effectively supports milk expression.

Personalized Program

Optimize your sessions by choosing the breastfeeding program that best suits your pumping goals.

Virtual Coaching

Get the most out of your sessions with personalized advice and detailed tracking of your progress.


I love Perifit Pump! I get as much milk as with my wired breast pump, but in half the time!

Dr. Mallory Hertz

Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
Better leak protection than Elvie!

Overall, the pumps themselves are great! I’ve tried Elvie and these are by far better designed. With the Elvie, I would always leak and lose milk, but with Perifit, that’s not a problem at all. The app is also cool. I love the different settings. The only area that needs improvement is the milk sensor on the app, it’s very off. You have the option to calibrate the sensor but when you go to update the milk amount, you can only use whole numbers and no decimals, which continues the cycle of an inaccurate measurement. It’s also not a dealbreaker as the pumps are well worth the money and super quiet! If the app were fixed, I give the pump in the app five out of five stars ⭐️

Alexis Bessolo
Best portable wearable pump!

Buy it! It’s the only wearable pump I could get in my correct flange size that works basically as well as my spectra gold. It’s amazing. Totally satisfied with my purchase. Makes going back to work and pumping so much more enjoyable.

Very Comfortable

Really like this pump. The silicone flange is much more comfortable than my other wearable pump and its also easier to line up correctly. The only drawback is its possible to overflow and spill milk. I am not able to get the milk sensor calibrated correctly so the amount shown in the app is often wildly different than what is actually in the milk container but I think it may be due to switching the measurement in the app to ounces. Minor annoyance and easily fixed with the logging function (I have calibrated it after almost every pump but it hasn’t fixed it completely)


I have invested in this portable pump to be able to be away from time to time and above all optimize my time with twins that are often hungry.
We received the package very quickly, the after -sales service is very responsive and very diligent (flange sizes).
The pump is very comfortable thanks to the silicone flanges and it is easy to use. My lactation was also very quickly stimulated by pumping twice a day in addition to feeding.
I recommend this product +++

One of my best purchases for baby!

I bought this breast pump, in double, after having hesitated for a long time, and I absolutely do not regret. It allowed me to constitute a solid stock so that the nanny can give him bottles when I go back to work, and my husband could feed him when I attending a professional event. I was also able to maintain my lactation by pumping three times a day at the office for several months.

Is it silent? Not completely, but the sound of the voices covers the noise of the machine.

The application sometimes tends to underestimate the amount of milk, but is globally good.

I give five stars and continue using my breast pump daily. I have not tried Elvie, but I'm not sure that the price difference is justified. I still deplore the absence of a transport bag, supplied with Elvie. However, a large isothermal bag does the trick.

This breast pump remains one of my best purchases and allowed me to breastfeed exclusively up to baby's six months.

Special mention to Carla, customer service.

Charlotte Dréano

I tested several hands-free milk pumps, this one is the most handy and the most silent
very effective to boost lactation
The application bugs sometimes, but I only use it while pumping which is enough.
Super practical, it's worth the price!

Paula Casallas

Perifit Pump | In-bra, hands-free breast pump


The truth is that I had many doubts when choosing one but so far I have not regretted it works well, I have no problems in removing milk, it makes noise but nothing exaggerated even I use it at work sitting at my desk. And the battery lasts long enough.

Delphine BOIVIN

After 21 days of use, this pump is a marvel, so practical to continue breastfeeding and getting back at work. I regret I didn't have it for my 1st child! I recommend 1000 times!

Charlotte Bruyere

This breastpump is top - so practical that I quickly bought a second one in order to manage my return to work peacefully.
A big plus: the after -sales service is super reactive and very friendly. They solved a problem that I had with one of my pumps during the day

* The hours saved correspond to the average duration of Perifit Pump usage; milk quantity indications are derived from milk level measurements in the Perifit Pump app. These values are calculated from data extraction of 3000 anonymized user data from the mobile application in December 2023.