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Improve Your Pelvic Health

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Your pelvic floor muscles are essential

💦 Control of urinary continence
💩 Management of bowel continence
💪 Support to hold pelvic organs
❤️ Enhancement of sexual function
💆‍♀️ Stabilization of core and lower back

1/3 of women suffer from pelvic floor disorders

These disorders often arise from weakened pelvic floor muscles and can manifest in various symptoms:

What causes pelvic floor weakening?

Pelvic floor muscle weakness and dysfunction are usually associated with one or more of the following risk factors:

The hidden challenge of pelvic floor strengthening

Strengthening pelvic floor muscles may seem straightforward, but in reality, it can be quite challenging. One of the primary hurdles lies in the struggle to locate and target these muscles. Unlike more visible muscle groups like those in the arms or legs, pelvic floor muscles remain hidden, and their contractions aren't always easily felt or noticed.

Improper exercises can aggravate symptoms

A lack of awareness about proper pelvic floor training often leads to incorrect practices, such as improper squats or the "stop pee" method, which can exacerbate symptoms. Informed and correct practice is vital, especially considering that 1 in 4 women perform Kegel exercises in a manner that could worsen pelvic floor symptoms.

Pelvic floor weakness can be overcome

Contrary to common belief, the weakening of pelvic floor muscles is not an unavoidable fate. By practicing pelvic floor exercises and utilizing innovative solutions with biofeedback technology like Perifit, you can effectively strengthen this area, leading to improved overall well-being and a better quality of life.

Choose Biofeedback For Your Pelvic Floor

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Effectively strengthen pelvic floor muscles with biofeedback

Biofeedback is a modern technology that uses electronic sensors to provide real-time information about muscle activity. In the context of pelvic floor strengthening, biofeedback enables pelvic muscle activity to be visualized and understood.

In a biofeedback device, such as Perifit, force sensors detect contractions and relaxations of the pelvic floor muscles. This data is then transmitted to a mobile app or another device, allowing the user to see in real time the intensity and duration of their muscle contractions. This method not only allows users to monitor whether they are targeting the right muscles, but also helps to tracks progress over time.

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Perifit Care is about as fun as pelvic training can get. For anyone serious about improving their pelvic health in an enjoyable way, Perifit Care is my top recommendation.

Dr Nita Landry, Board Certified OB/GYN

Perifit Care exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend Perifit Care if you're looking for help and motivation to strengthen your pelvic floor.

Dr Sara Duvall from Core Exercise Solution

Perifit Care is a lot more fun and interactive than other devices. I will definitely be recommending it to my clients.

Dr. Casie Danenhauer , Physiotherapist

Biofeedback with Perifit vs. traditional methods

Comparatively speaking, biofeedback stands out as an effective, evidence-based, and user-centric method. It provides a personalized and precise approach for effectively strengthening the pelvic floor.

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Biofeedback with Perifit Care and Care+

Traditional Kegel exercises

Pilates and similar workouts

Strengthens pelvic floor

Specifically targets pelvic floor muscles

Monitors exercise technique

Motivates with games and notifications

Shows muscles at work

Tracks progress

Fast results

Noticeable results

Perifit can complement your healthcare professional sessions

Perifit is your ideal partner for enhancing your healthcare professional sessions. It provides personalized and effective support for your pelvic floor health at home, making it easier to follow your treatment plan and achieve better results with the guidance of your healthcare provider.