Training with Perifit Care: Can it help relax your pelvic floor muscles?

Your ability to contract your pelvic floor is as important as your ability to relax it. Every training program inside the app includes phases of contraction and phases of relaxation (usually twice more).

So yes, Perifit Care helps you reach an healthy state of your pelvic floor.

Learning to properly relax the pelvic floor is the main way to decrease muscle tension and reduce the associated symptoms that you may be facing if you have an overactive pelvic floor. 

If you play the games with Kegels in proper form (with as much focus on the contraction and relaxation phase), you will quickly increase your agility and not only be able to contract more strongly but also relax more deeply.

However, if you have been diagnosed with an overtight/overactive pelvic floor, training with Perifit Care won't be enough to get the relaxation level you need. In that case, we advise you to seek professional advise on relaxation techniques.