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I have questions

how far is it supposed to go in you.

Not scary

This device makes training not scary and very straightforward.

More aware!

Still struggling for consistency and control but much more aware of my body now.

Easy to use

The games are easy to understand and fun to play. The app works well and is user friendly. The device is simple and comfortable. My only complaints are that it needs to be recalibrated after each game for best accuracy, and that there is no way to recharge the device, so a new one will need to be purchased when this one’s battery life ends.

Seems to work pretty well!

I would vote this 5 stars if I didn't have a few issues with some of the games and the way the app tracks "workouts." One night it was nearing midnight as I was finishing a workout, and because I passed 15 minutes technically AFTER midnight, it didn't count a workout for the 'previous' day...and instead started a 'new' shorter workout for the next day. This seems really stupid to me, as someone who is often up past midnight... The games are mostly pretty fun, but a couple of them have the most obnoxious sounds on the planet, which makes them less enjoyable. And then there is one in particular that, if you don't have perfect reflexes yet, seems to just drag on forever. (You're flying a spaceship through a bunch of space rocks or whatever, and if you can't navigate it perfectly, the ship gets caught up on the sides and drags ANNOYING. No easy way to get free of the rocks.) Other than these issues, I do feel like the exercises are working and that the issues I was concerned about are improving since I've started doing the exercises with the Perifit. I'm glad I made the purchase, and have already recommended it to some other ladies I know.


I am enjoying using the Perifit and the games make the time go by quickly. My one suggestion would be to offer an optional short demonstration of the game. That way time is not wasted trying to figure out exactly how it works.

Need help

I’m having a hard time getting it inside my vagina even with lots of lube. Any suggestions would really help. I’ve only used it once and felt uncomfortable for a day or so.

Love it

I do love it - and have noticed a difference. I just wish there was guidance on how dar to push it in… because I have noticed that makes it different on wether or not it registers the resting phase.

Amazing little device

I have gone from running to the bathroom, daily leaks and having to wear leak underwear everyday to no leaks in just 3 weeks of use! I am doing the 5 day program and never knew that muscle could get sore. Feeling strong and more confident. Highly recommend!

Makes training fun

I should’ve been training all along, but of course this is not a fun exercise to do. I never knew if I was doing it right or long enough and the Perifit helped me with both. I went from having to go to the bathroom 3 to 4 times a night to only once, and within three weeks. I’m hoping that eventually I won’t have to rush to the bathroom as often.

Perifit Care | Original Kegel Exerciser

Super interactive and helpful

What a great way to strengthen your pelvic floor through games ! WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND

So much fun!!

The games are so much fun and engaging! I've been on a streak since day one, and overall there's been improvement in my symptoms and overall strength.

Easy and fun

Very happy with product

Perifit Care+ | Advanced Kegel Exerciser

Perifit Original Kegel Exerciser

It has been over one year since I started using it, but it looks not improved on my problem yet. Thanks

Is it working?

I haven’t been consistent using my Perifit so I will give it a lot more time. I’m hoping it gives me relief of the urgency and the leaking issues.

Perifit Care+ | Advanced Kegel Exerciser

Perifit Care+ | Advanced Kegel Exerciser

Effective and Amusing

It took a couple different nights to consistently place the device with the natural direction and appropriate depth of my canal. But now I look forward to my nightly routine of getting ready for bed. It's the last thing I do to avoid scrolling through social media in bed, too.

Perifit Care+ | Advanced Kegel Exerciser

Better leak protection than Elvie!

Overall, the pumps themselves are great! I’ve tried Elvie and these are by far better designed. With the Elvie, I would always leak and lose milk, but with Perifit, that’s not a problem at all. The app is also cool. I love the different settings. The only area that needs improvement is the milk sensor on the app, it’s very off. You have the option to calibrate the sensor but when you go to update the milk amount, you can only use whole numbers and no decimals, which continues the cycle of an inaccurate measurement. It’s also not a dealbreaker as the pumps are well worth the money and super quiet! If the app were fixed, I give the pump in the app five out of five stars ⭐️

Plus is Much Better

I really liked the original Peri Fit, but the one downside was that it didn’t seem to read as well and stay in place. The new shape of the PeriFit Plus stays in place much better leading to better readings.

Worth the money to regain pelvic health and well-being

I am on my 4th week of using Perifit Care+ and I am already seeing some improvement in my urge incontinence. Since using the Perifit, I’ve only had two minimal leaks on my morning walks. Before training with Peri-fit, I was only able to stifle “the urge” once or twice and then “the floodgates opened.” I no longer feel that persistent urge. I’m hoping with continued use that leaks will someday be nonexistent. I hesitated getting it initially because I was concerned it would be painful because I tend to have burning inside. But, it really was okay and I took Perifit’s suggestion to use k-y jelly. I hesitated bringing my problem up to my doctor because of embarrassment, but I summoned the courage to speak up. I’m very happy my gynecologist suggested Perifit to me to help me with my leaking bladder.

Great Idea but…

I really like the idea of the Perifit. The games make the time for exercises go by fast. I have to recalibrate before and during every game though, which becomes a pain. I am never sure how high/low to insert it to make the calibration accurate.