Dear customers,

As you might expect, in the new world of global pandemic many things have changed, and among them shipping times. Forwarders adjusted to the situation by setting up very strict rules to protect the health of their clients and employees, and as a result the shipping times are slightly longer than usual.

The good news is that things are getting better lately. Here is an overview of the shipping times you should expect after ordering Perifit: 


North America:

USA : 3 - 5 calendar days 
Canada: 3 - 7 calendar days


France: 2 - 4 working days
Rest of Europe: 2 to 7 working days

Australia & NZ:

Australia: 5-8 calendar days 
New Zealand: 6-9 calendar days

Other locations: 15 to 30 days. International packages are shipped from the USA where local forwarders consider international shipments as low priority. The packages do arrive to final destination, and tracking numbers are being updated while the parcels are moving. But during these special times patience is the way to enlightenment. We promise you that your Perifit will worth the wait though! 

We hope you will enjoy your Perifit and please note that our team is available to help you should you have any question. 

Thanks for your patience. 

Stay safe, 

The Perifit Team